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Nuffing At All (A Parenting Poem)

[Inspired by midnight madness]

don't stay and don't go!Let me tell you the story of little Brad Doe
Who couldn’t decide or just didn’t know
He woke up in crisis and sorrow and woe
He cried out my name, but then told me to go
But as I was leaving he cried “Wait. Stop. No!
I won’t have you stay, but won’t have you go!”

“Well please make your mind up” I pleaded and said
“Please make your mind up, decide in your head
You’re well taken care of and groomed and fed
If there’s one thing YOU owe ME it’s going to bed…”

“I want nuffing at all!” said little Brad Doe
But just what that meant, no one could know
So I froze and moved nothing, not even my toe
But Brad wouldn’t have it and said “No. No. No!
I want NUFFING at all – don’t stay but don’t go
I want NUFFING at all – don’t hide but don’t show”

And just what that meant, no one could know…

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